Put Those Tweezers Down!

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If you’re reading this article & plucking your brows, consider yourself a fashion offender because brows are officially making their comeback – well according to every major fashion source… & Shobha! Word on the stiletto streets is that the spring 2012 runway shows have been all about the brows, plus bright yellow dresses, head to toe prints & short suits, but for this blog… the brows! Thick & luscious brows (2 words you never thought you’d see on the runway) were in style. Designers, such as Victoria Beckham, Donna Karan & Derek Lam totally rocked this fierce trend.

Before you pull out any more hairs, I urge you to stop! Drop! & Roll (or just walk away from those tweezers!) Also, invest in a really good brow pencil in the mean time. Hm, I think I may have a brow pencil in mind…

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