“Hey, What Are We Doing With Our Pubic Hair Right Now, Ladies?”

Yep the title of this post is pretty much daily chatter amongst our team.

When the lovely folks at byrdie asked us the “Truth About Bikini Lines: What Is Everyone Really Doing Down There” we (were flattered &) answered:

The professional take

When speaking with estheticians at Shobha … [a] popular waxing [destination] known for their bikini expertise—all maintained that the Brazilian remains the most requested style today. The popularity may be practically motivated.

Seasonally, by removing everything, you can ensure a carefree summer, avoiding bathing suit ‘flyaways.’ Also, in terms of aesthetic appeal, if you are self-conscious about your mid-section or hips, removing all of the hair tends to draw attention away from that area when you’re in the buff—so that you take in the ‘whole picture’ instead of having your eye drawn to that area due to the usually darker hair in the nether region,” says Jennifer Pesce, Shobha’s brand director. .. When quizzed about the possible resurgence of an all-natural trend, our experts weren’t convinced. “in our eyes, it’s a mini movement—there are some who will explore this trend, but since this trend isn’t one that the outer world sees very often, our clients tend to stick with their own preferences,” pesce says.”

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