Another Reason To Love Your Shobha Brow Pencil

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It’s mid-August already. How the heck did that happen??? You’ve probably been working on your summer glow (responsibly with great sunscreen obvi). For our blondies out there you’ve probably noticed that as your skin tans & your hair lightens your brows have probably lightened up too. Your brows might even blend into your tan!

While your surfer-girl look lends to a minimalist approach to summer makeup but please, please don’t forget your brows. Even if you don’t wear anything else on your face – don’t skip the brow pencil. A darker brow will give you a more youthful look & who doesn’t want that? Soak up the last weeks of summer equipped with perfect brows that make you look & feel your best (& maybe even younger). Grab our pencil tips here & here for the best way to diy them at home.

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