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Have you actually seen our community walls at our Shobha® locations? We launched our community wall project a few months ago & we absolutely love it! Our community wall is a great opportunity for us to showcase news, promos & other fun stuff happening at Shobha! We opted to keep our focus on 4 main categories *drum roll please!*:

  1. Product of the month (pair these products with your services & I guarantee anyone hairless bliss!)
  2. Insider tips (some must-know, exclusive info!)
  3. Do good du jour (whether we feature a client or a team member, this is where we highlight people who are doing great things in the shobha® community. This section also features many of my blog posts: the shobha home for girls in india & our awesome shobha® sugar mamas!
  4. Recent press (I bet you didn’t know we’ve been in over 300 press mentions – brush our shoulders off!)

So next time you come in for a service, pour yourself some tea & grab a magazine in our waiting area, make sure to look up…because our community walls are staring right at ya! Ya dig?


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