Gift $10, Get $10

shobha app

Now let’s repeat after me: buh-bye annoying coupon codes. The best part of sharing hairless happiness with your friends via the Shobha App is that you instantly get the $10 credit right in your account! Here’s the skinny on what happens:  

  •  When your friends use your link to download the Shobha App, they’ll get an exclusive & automatic $10 reward.  Yup, it’ll just be there ready & waiting for them to use.
  • After they officially checkout using the Shobha App for the first time, your $10 reward will be ready & waiting for use in your Shobha App account. That’s right no more codes or emails to search for, just automatic rewards for more hairless happiness.

Just 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Download the Shobha App (on your iOS or Android phone).

Step 2: Click ‘invite your friends’ from the main menu.

Step 3: Tweet, Facebook or email your friends with your special link!

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