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Even though it was already over a decade ago(!!!), the ever-so-popular scene of Steve Carell from the 40-Year-Old Virgin, when he gives Kelly Clarkson a shoutout, is still burned into our brains (ouch!). If you’ve ever visited a Shobha, you know that it was a heavily dramatized version of what actually goes on during a wax – even for guys. Breathe easy knowing that we take extra steps to keep your hair removal anxieties at bay while helping you achieve your smoothest skin ever. And no, our secret techniques do not involve 3 of your best buds wincing at your distress.

Getting the pre-appointment jitters is normal when it comes time for your wax, you know, the kind that can start spiraling you down a rabbit hole where we find ourselves pondering silly questions like “is my waxing lady judging me?”

FYI, she isn’t.

So for all the nervous Nancy’s or just great music lovers like ourselves, check out our new hairless happiness playlists in hopes of keeping you in a happy place while we take care of “your business.”

Our fall 2016 Spotify playlists, along with our other editions, are separated out  by moods: click here for chill & click here for happy! Can’t decide? follow us on Spotify so you can relive your fave Shobha Playlist at home, work or on the walk/drive/train ride to your appointment.

I mean what’s a better healing agent for a stressful situation, like your first Brazilian, than music?

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