Fresh Lip Treatment Natural Product Alternative: Rooted Beauty Lip Butter

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We’re continuing our series about our quest to look & feel our best as naturally as possible each day. It’s not so easy to give up beloved tried & true products but once we find a natural alternative to fill those big shoes there’s no looking back. This week we’re swapping out one of our lip smacking favorites for a natural alternative that’s not only good for you but others too!

We’ve all sworn by Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment for-what-feels-like-ever until we found Rooted Beauty Lip Butters. They’re made with just 6 ingredients – 6!!! All the ingredients are natural & pronounceable. Rooted beauty lip butter is a pure, creamy & rich lip conditioner. The packaging is eco-friendly & reminiscent of our push-a-push-pop youth in a paper tube. Plus, when you purchase rooted beauty products, you are directly enabling a specific woman to receive vocational training & recovery counseling to break free from a life of bondage. Check out rooted beauty’s woman2woman page to learn more about their partnering organizations & each woman whose life is being changed through your purchase.

Rooted beauty lip butters come in a smattering of lip smacking flavors but our team & client fave is passion fruit. Rooted beauty lip butters are deliciously addicting & just 5 bucks at all Shobha salons!

To sum up, if you love how Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment make your lips feel you’ll love Rooted Beauty Lip Butters. At just a fraction of the price Rooted Beauty Lip Butters soften your lips as well as Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments do but with much cleaner & greener ingredients. Change your lip routine & change some lives while you’re at it. We made the swap, will you?

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