Buh-Bye Bumps, Hello Smooth Skin

After going through all the necessary measure to have a hairlessly happy Memorial Day Weekend let’s keep you that way. We’ve designed our Shobha Bump-Free S.E.T. as a simple system for maintaining smooth, bump-free skin after hair removal is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Soothe – Reduce redness & cleanse skin after your hair removal treatment with a Shobha® Rosewater Freshening Cloth.

2. Exfoliate – Consider our all-natural, machine washable Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth your new shower buddy, just use it with your fave body wash or soap for smoother, softer skin to exfoliate daily, preventing the buildup of dead skin that can trap hairs.

3. Treat – (wait 48 hours after sugaring/waxing. ) Apply Shobha® Ingrown Relief Lotion 1-2 times daily to combat existing bumps & ingrowns.

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