Facial Hair Removal: What Method is Best for Me?

Let’s kick it off with some basic 101 about a few hair removal options:

Threading: The specialist twists the thread like a tiny lasso along the skin to remove the hair from the root.

Waxing: Wax is applied to the skin in a thin layer, fabric is pressed firmly to the wax and when removed the hair that adheres to the wax is pulled out from the root. Great for large areas.

Sugaring: The all-natural alternative to traditional waxing (contains only sugar, lemon juice, water and glycerin). Sugaring still removes unwanted hair from its root like wax but pulls less on the skin in the removal process.

Laser: Energy from the laser targets and kills the hair at the root.

Shobha History Lesson

You may not know that previous to the summer of 2009, we always recommended threading for the face and sugaring/waxing below the neck ONLY. However, we discovered that many of our clients were going elsewhere for facial areas such as lip or sideburns to use traditional wax.

Traditional wax adheres more to the skin and can pull and tug causing wrinkles on delicate facial skin over time. While we love threading for the face, some of our clients told us that the threading was just too much as they had a lot of hair in those areas, and to remove it in this way was painful for them since the process took longer than just a strip of wax. We listened to our clients and decided that with our Shobha® Sugaring Gel (made of sugar, lemon juice, water and glycerin) we could offer them a gentler, natural alternative to traditional wax for removing unwanted facial hair.

In 2015, we launched laser hair removal as an additional option for clients seeking more permanent hair reduction. Unlike, the aforementioned methods which require regular upkeep, most clients visit an average of 6-9 times total for laser to achieve the type of hair reduction they’re looking for.

Our Recommendation

We now offer Shobha® Sugaring for all face areas except for the brows and forehead which we will continue to offer with threading, due to the sensitivity of these areas, as well as the precision needed for an awesome brow shape!  Not only is threading GREAT for sensitive eye-area skin, but it also provides the most accuracy possible, which is of uber importance when shaping brows! Shobha brow designers can take a single hair or a straight row of hairs enabling incredible precision. Wax doesn’t allow for the level of accuracy we require and it tugs on that delicate eye skin in a way we can do without! That’s why we offer wax below the neck only at Shobha.

Depending on skin and hair type, you might be an excellent candidate for laser on your face. We do offer laser on most areas of the face though not for brow shaping since it would require more precision than the laser allows.  Also, staying away from the eye area is an incredibly important safety practice with laser! A factor to consider when deciding if laser is right for you is whether you have any sun exposure on your face. Sun is the enemy of the laser. Since our faces are often exposed to sunlight just from being outside, it’s often a good idea to seek laser hair removal in the colder months when the sunlight is less intense and using an SPF 30 or higher provides the protection necessary for receiving a safe laser service. If permanently reducing the hair on your face sounds enticing, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists to find out if laser is the best option for you.

In a nutshell, we love threading for facial hair removal of any kind. But if threading is just not for you, facial sugaring can be an excellent option for many areas of the face and is appropriate for use in that delicate area. Laser can also be a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for more permanency, just make sure you’re a good candidate first. We recommend keeping traditional wax away from the face and leaving it for the larger areas of the body.


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