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Our signature sugaring gel conveniently offers hassle-free hair removal at home & is good for even the most sensitive parts! Recommended for use on face, body & bikini.

Made a mistake or spilled some sugar gel? No problem! Easier to clean off than wax, our natural sugaring gel can be removed with water – no oils required, no damage done!

We know DIY waxing can be intimidating for beginners. For tips and tricks to effectively use the Shobha® Sugaring Gel, click here.


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Category: Body, Gifts Under $25, Hair Removal
Directions Please refer to the detailed & easy-to-follow Shobha® Sugaring Instruction Booklet (included) or view the video.
  • Professional-grade for ultimate effectiveness
  • Natural ingredients mean natural reactions - which for most is no reaction at all
  • Less painful than waxing, with minimal irritation
  • Free of parabens, dyes, fragrances, petrols, resins & waxes
  • Simple cleanup - just use warm water (or jump in the shower)
  • Microwave-friendly
Ingredients Sucrose (sugar), aqua (water), glycerin, citric acid

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1 review for Shobha® 8 oz Sugaring Gel

  1. Tricia Bentley (verified owner)

    This stuff is a game changer.. especially when combined with the denim strips and powder. Waxing has always been super painful for me. I decided to give this a try and couldn’t believe how much better it was than waxing. I have used it faithfully for 3 years now and don’t have to use it as often as when I first started. It is much less painful than waxing ( let’s face it .. nothing that rips your hair out will be completely pain free but this comes close).

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