COVID 19 Update – 7/2/2020

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The wait is over!  We are excited to say that (almost) all of our locations are back!  We have different hours and major safety protocols in place, but other than that, the Shobha you love and miss is back!  We have so much love to give to you all (from a distance of course) and can’t wait to see everyone!

Shobha NYC Salons (except Madison) are planning to open July 6th
As long as Governor Cuomo doesn’t decide to delay spas further, we’re on track to open in NYC this coming Monday, 7/6!  However, I have some bittersweet news.  Not all of the locations made it through.  We couldn’t make the rent work for the time that we have been gone, so Shobha Madison has been permanently closed.  But, when one door closes, another will open!  We will be looking for a ground-floor space and coming back stronger than ever after the dust settles.  For now, your favorite Madison specialists will be at our Columbus Circle location, so please look to schedule there.  Online booking is available via our website and also via our Shobha app.

Shobha Dupont Circle is now open
We are in our second week of being open and things are flowing nicely.  Our clients have been amazing and so has our team!  Book online or via our Shobha app.

Shobha Rockville Pike is now open for most services
We started with just laser services, but have now expanded to most services.  Book online or via our Shobha app.

Safety protocols/NEW threading process
We have shared our safety protocols in some of our other emails, but we wanted to share that we also have a new threading process in place.  This new process will allow the specialist to keep their mask on properly by not putting the thread in their mouth.  They have been getting ready during the break and are excited to show all of you the new technique.  If you want to see it and take a look at our other safety protocols in action, here is a video we took at our Dupont Circle location last week.

Get ready with contactless payment and more
To prepare for contactless check-in/check-out and easy online scheduling, please download the Shobha app.  This app will make your entire visit quick and contactless!  You will also have access to your account to see how many services are remaining on your package and other information about your past visits.  Download our new Shobha app for iPhone or Android.

Virtual consultations available
Due to the overwhelming success of our virtual consultations, we will be going to 100% virtual consultations for laser hair removal services.  We’ll also be continuing to provide hair removal consultations for anyone around the world that has questions about using our products or just doing hair removal at home.  (There may be a charge associated with the virtual visit depending on what it is for.  Also, you may need to purchase product to use during the consultation – we will let you know!)

Lastly, here’s a link to our previous emails if you have questions about missing laser sessions, doing your own sugaring at home and more.

We can’t wait to see all of you!!!

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