Catrinka Handbags: The Retail High That Keeps On Giving

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We all splurge on handbags from time to time (don’t pretend you haven’t you know you have or at least thought about it).  Usually they come with a pretty high price tag & leave you with that momentary retail high that you eventually come down from & are left feeling empty wallet & soul.  Lucky for you (& me)  The Catrinka Project  nips this issue in the bud with  fabulous bags that provide the retail high that keeps on giving.

The Catrinka Project makes unique, beautiful, wearable bags that are created to mirror different local textile traditions around the globe. There is a soul & story to each bag.  As if you aren’t ready to run (not walk) to get one of these bags – there’s more. Yes, more.

The Catrinka Project lives by an inspiring mantra: Buy a bag. Employ a woman. Educate a girl.

In a nutshell, The Catrinka Project invests in women, so they can invest in the future.  They commit at least 50% of all profits to their partners’ efforts to remove barriers between girls & education.  Educating girls can change the world, literally (read how here).

If you’re looking for a holiday gift (for yourself or others) a bag from The Catrinka Project is winner that anyone would be lucky to receive.  Stop by Shobha SoHo tomorrow,  November 23,  to shop these fabulous bags.

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