Mo(Nini) Olive Oil Please!

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If you’ve watched any cooking shows you’ve noticed that EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) is where it’s at.  It’s healthier for you than butter & has some other great nutritional properties to add to your food that will boost your immune system to help protect against viruses & even more life threatening diseases like cancer & heart disease (wow!).  Olive oil has also been known to decrease blood pressure, control blood sugar levels for diabetics, control obesity, prevent rheumatoid arthritis & osteoporosis. The list of internal benefits of this super food really does go on & on – read more about them here.

Olive oil is great for skin too. It can reduce inflammation, prevent premature aging, soothe chapped lips & can hydrate the driest skin.  Monini, known for it’s olive oils, has it’s own skincare line developed around this star ingredient – EVOO.  Monini offers hand creams, skin food nourishing cream, body cream, body wash & hand soap –  all of which are free from coloring agents, phtalates, paragons & other nasty preservatives & make perfect holiday gifts.

We’re super thrilled that the Monini folks will be making appearances at our  Shobha NYC salons in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to check the calendar so you can plan your next Shobha appointment & shop Monini all in the same visit.

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