Step Up Your Hair Removal Game

What’s the deal world? Why are 97% of you shaving & only 2% of you waxing? According to a recent study discussed on, the world needs to step up their hair removal game! “What’s the benefits of waxing over shaving?,” you ask. Well…

  • Smoother, longer – waxing allows you to remain hairless or closer to hairlessness much longer than shaving.  With shaving, stubbles can appear within hours, while waxing will allow smooth hairlessness for about 1-2 weeks without any growth.
  • Soft vs. Sharp – waxing removes hair from the root, while shaving sharply cuts the hair at the skin’s surface & creates sharp edges which can feel like sandpaper (ouch!) during re-growth. Re-growth of hair after waxing tends to be softer while in the stubble-length.

It’s time to start a hair removal revolution! Am I right?

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