SAG Awards: Best Looks & Brows

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Two weeks after the Golden Globes & stars continue to roll out beautiful dresses & brow combos at the SAG Awards. Some of my personal faves of the night don’t include the typical winners like Angelina Jolie, who although looked beautiful, didn’t shine in my eyes (let’s be honest, she could show up in a garbage bag & still look totally hot though).

Viola Davis was such a stunner sunday night! I mean…that skin is literally to die for. My other faves included, Emily Blunt, Emma Stone, Ashlee Simpson, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Kyra Sedwick (because when I’m that age, I hope I’m that hot) & the real risk taker, Rose Byrne. Other faves of the night were Michelle Willams, Sofia Vergara, Octavia Spencer & Lea Michele – but only if she would smile a bit more!

We’re so close to the Oscars, I can almost feel it! See you then. xoxo

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