Shobha-fy Your Spotify

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Music moves us… literally. We love ourselves some good grooves when we’re going about our daily mission of spreading the hairless happiness in our salons.

If we had to use one word to describe our music preference, it would be global.  It’s true we like everything with a good beat from Miley Cyrus (sans visuals) to Bollywood’s greatest hits. This past year we made the big switch to Spotify.  & what we are most excited about is that we can now share our playlists with you!  So many of our clients have asked us what we listen to so we thrilled that we have a really easy way to share our picks with you!  Check out our newest fall playlists, which we’ve separated out into chill (for relaxing/not-quite-awake yet listening) & happy (for post-caffeination afternoons & evenings).

Is there a song that you think is an absolute must for our playlist?! We  love finding out about new music! Let us know in the comments, please & thanks.

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