[Repost] Eyebrow Eyelift: The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

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eyebrow eyelift the best eyebrow shape for your faceThe Shobha Golden Rule: Brows Are Everything! 

2016 has been a pretty interesting year thus far for brows-sake; from colorful glitter brows to full & bushy boyfriend brows, the trends are endless. And although brow trends may come and go, one thing that will always stay constant is knowing the importance of brow shapes that compliment your face (even if you’re using a pink eyeliner pencil to fill them in).

We can’t get enough of founder and editor-in-chief of green beauty team, kristen arnett & her brow blog post “eyebrow eyelift: the best eyebrow shape for your face”, which explains the do’s, don’ts, and the definite brow extremes to be avoided.  Kristen’s got your back, as well as pro pointers for your brows. Make sure to head on over to the green beauty blog to learn how “your eyebrows can be the key to an instant eyelift and softening of the face.”

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