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we're hiring join the shobha team

Our Shobha Family is continuing to grow!

With each location we open, our team continues to grow & grow, & we’d love to have creative & hardworking go-getters to join the Shobha Team! Whether that’s working in the salons as a salon coordinator, ensuring that our clients have the best experience every time they visit, or getting one step ahead of your college peers by interning here with us, we want you!

Take it from me (a Shobha Intern turned marketing assistant), here at Shobha there is plenty of opportunity for growth & you enjoy the benefits of gaining career experience, all the while indulging in beauty products & services discounts (#justsaying)!

Below you will find the most current listing of jobs available here at Shobha!

we're hiring join the shobha team

Salon keyholder:

Salon coordinator:

For marketing internships, please email your resume to jobs@myshobha.comwith “myShobha Internship” in the subject line. Be sure to include everything in the body of the email – attachments will not be opened.

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