How-to Prep For Dating Naked

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Thursday nights have become our favorite again all thanks to the guilty pleasures provided by VH1. We start the night with candidly Nicole & end it with dating naked.  If you haven’t seen the show it’s really what the title implies – dating naked. Yep two strangers meet for the first time – but naked. Kudos kids – that takes a lot of … well I guess you can see exactly what it takes – your date is naked!

If you’re looking for love in the buff we have some easy steps to feeling the best you can in your own skin (& only your skin).

  • First, defuzzing is an absolute must. Smooth & hairless skin will take away any distractions of your date seeing the real you. Book an appointment or remove your hair at home.
  • #browsmatter. We think this one goes without saying. Being that your brows are one of the only things you don’t remove when you’re rendezvousing in the nude you better make’em count. Make sure they’re in tip-top shape by getting them threaded & enhance them with a Shobha Brow Pencil.
  • Maintain your smooth skin by packing a Shobha bump-free set in your carry-on bag, everything is tsa-friendly & necessary for smooth sailing.
  • Although there has just been one episode, dating naked seems to be taped on an island somewhere hot, sunny & remote – protect your skin with sunscreen. We love Coola Sunscreen Spray.   Since it’s a spray it’s easy to get all those hard to reach places that don’t normally see the light of day.
  • After a well-deserved shower at the end of your long naked dating day, soothe your just washed skin with Mio’s The Activist Oil – it’ll keep your skin soft & moisturized.  This awesome formula will help enhance the natural springiness & healthy radiance of your skin. Plus, it has a subtle & alluring scent prefect for close encounters.

Now you are ready to take on this big dating naked world!

We have to ask, would you date naked?

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