Hair Removal Cream is a Major No No

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It may seem super convenient to apply a cream & poof! Your leg hairs are gone, but what‘s actually happening to remove those hairs?

Hair removal creams, also known as depilatories, use chemicals to practically melt down your hair follicles to a gelatin-like consistency.  Sure, you can wipe the hair away with a washcloth, but you can also run the risk of allergic reactions, chemical burns, irritation & discomfort.

People are known to confuse that tingly sensation with signs of the product “working” but what you’re feeling are the chemicals burning away at the layers of your skin, ouch. & let’s not even mention the smell or the strong artificial fragrances that companies use to cover up the stench (ok, we did mention it – we couldn’t not).

What’s a sweet hair removal cream alternative?

Sugaring! Sugaring is a great way to naturally & effectively remove unwanted hair, safely. With only 4 ingredients (sugar, water, lemon juice & glycerin), sugaring is safe enough to use on your face & bikini, sans the scary chemicals & easy enough to do yourself (Check out the video for how to use our Shobha Sugaring Kit).

The benefits of sugaring:

100% natural ingredients – no chemicals or artificial waxes (safe enough to eat!)
Super smooth results – effectively removes hair from the roots
Tends to be less painful than waxes because the Shobha Sugaring Gel attaches more to the hair & pulls less on the skin
Fast & efficient- large areas can be sugared at once (most of our appointments are under 30 minutes!)
Sensitive skin friendly- results in less redness & irritation

For more info on sugaring click here & to purchase the Shobha Sugaring Kit for healthy happy DIY hair removal click here!

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