Fitness Friday Appreciation Post: Workouts For The Holidays!

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fitness friday appreciation postThanksgiving is the holiday where counting calories in a non-existing factor (calories don’t count when you eat the same as everyone else, right?). In honor of the post-turkey food babies some of us may now have, we’ve got 2 pretty unique workouts to shed some of those unwanted lbs! Plus, we’ve got the hookup for some exclusive discounts for you to give them a try!

Trampolean – 37 w 26th st 9th floor ny, ny 10010 (located at stepping out studios)
Exclusive offer for the Shobha Family:

1.     50% off your first class (save $16.50)

2.     $55 off a 5-class pack (use code: Shobha5)

3.     $100 off a 10-class pack (use code: Shobha10)

Expect a solid 50 minutes of core stabilizing, calorie-burning bouncing! Even if you’re a newbie to the workout scene, Trampolean is the jumpstart (pun intended) you need because it doesn’t take any formal training! To keep you on your toes – literally – you rebound barefoot, you’ll also get some mini cardio breaks where you work with resistance bands & small weights (yes, every minute counts towards your fitness goals).

But wait, there’s more… the playlists; they’ll keep you motivated with different decades of music which have been intentionally selected to help you keep up with the physical demands of the class (dare we say, they may even distract you from how hard you are actually working? Because they do). Throwback Thursdays are our personal fave classes where you get to flashback in time & bounce to the beat of a blend of popular & motivating music from the ‘80s, ‘90s or ‘00s hits.

Btw, it’s okay if you feel silly-slash-spastic doing it, chances are you’re doing it right! (& even if your form isn’t textbook, you’re still working on your fitness, so it counts).

Fun fact: Some of the biggest celebrities from #beyonce to #britneyspears have rehearsed at this same space, stepping out studios!


Mongoose Bodyworks – 594 broadway #904, soho, ny 10012 (just a few floors above Shobha SoHo)

mongoose bodyworks

Mongoose Bodyworks with Halle is truly a unique experience that works out muscles you didn’t even know you have, seriously. Working with a megaformer, bodywork sessions with Halle Clarke seamlessly combine neuro-muscular therapy (nmt), cranio-sacral therapy (cst) & polarity therapy – which are all basically big, scientific words for a fitness program that makes you feel good, while toning & lengthening ALL the muscles. These sessions also help target areas of physical pain, tension or discomfort & they are just plain perfect if you are looking to unwind & relax (& who can ever get too much relaxation?! No one).

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