My Favorite Things – Holiday Gift Ideas for Beauty Lovers

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Is there anyone out there who hasn’t finished their holiday shopping yet? How about anyone who hasn’t STARTED shopping yet? Procrastinators unite!

Need some ideas? I’ve got you covered. With all the great Shobha products and other natural beauty brands at, it’s hard to narrow it down but here are a few of my “favorite things” and the reasons why to help inspire you into action this holiday season.

Shobha Rosewater Freshening Cloths – They come in a bunch of sizes (think singles, 20 ct., 30 ct., 210 ct.), are super versatile, biodegradable and I buy the professional 210 count because I use them daily to gently remove my makeup! I have super-sensitive skin and these don’t leave me bright red, just fresh-faced.

Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion – If you ever get ingrowns, this is a game-changer. It’s moisturizing and it really really works if you use it regularly. A little dab will do, you don’t have to ice it on like a cake, haha. My husband steals mine to use on his neck.

Bodhi Body Scrub – We offer lots of different scrubs so check these out for scents and types that might appeal to you personally since everyone is different. The Plumeria is my fav shower scrub; it contains volcanic ash which lets me really exfoliate ‘til my heart’s content and doesn’t dissolve after 2 seconds like sugar and salt (which totally have their place – I use Deep Steep Honey Blossom Sugar Scrub when taking a bath as opposed to a shower and I don’t want to sit in sediment, haha. Then the dissolving becomes a feature, not a bug). All our scrubs are environmentally friendly so you can feel good about what’s going down the drain.

Cocokind Chlorophyll Mask – This is my ALL TIME favorite face mask and I’ve tried a bunch. I have dry skin and I use this before a low or no make-up day, it leaves me glowing!

Shobha Exfoliating Cloth – This exfoliator is machine washable and mildew resistant, need I say more? Can’t throw your loofah or bath poof in with your towels on laundry day! Plus it’s made of all-natural fibers.

Here’s a bonus recommendation because now I’m on a roll: Truly’s Deodorant – this is the ONLY natural deodorant I’ve ever found that gets me through a long stressful day without having to re-up. We offer some other great natural deodorants but I personally find this one to be the most effective for me.

If you love them all and just can’t decide, you can always go with a Shobha Holiday Gift Card – for every $100 you spend, the buyer will receive a $20 bonus.

Remember, while supplies last, orders over $30 include a complimentary travel size Humble Deodorant (scents vary), and all orders over $50 ship free!

Happy holiday shopping, everyone!

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