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Truly’s will keep you smelling fresh even if you sweat a great deal over the course of a day without having to reapply. How does it work? The sugar in our deodorant combines with your own perspiration to create a hyper osmotic solution that prevents odor causing bacterial growth. Before antibiotics, sugar and honey were used to prevent infections in open wounds. Finely milled baking soda works as another natural, powerful odor fighter. In addition, coconut oil has antimicrobial (both antibacterial and antifungal) properties and is skin soothing and moisturizing. Only the best organic coconut oil is used which has a wonderful light coconut smell. Truly’s comes in BPA and PVC free food safe plastic containers. Because Truly’s Natural Deodorant is coconut oil based and does not contain any chemical binders, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, or thickeners, it will change consistency at different temperatures. Melting does not harm the product and it will re-solidify. The Truly’s Natural Deodorant container comes with a pressure seal which if peeled off carefully and reinserted into the base of the lid, will keep your container of deodorant from leaking even if it is in a liquid state. Just be sure to mindfully close the lid tightly before packing for travel, and it is not a bad idea to slip it in a baggie to be on the safe side. With Truly’s Natural Deodorant, you don’t have to compromise effectiveness to stay true to your health.


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SKU: DE109-BG-1
Category: Body, Deodorant, Gifts Under $25
Directions Use like a cream. Smooth a pea sized amount of Truly's over entire surface of underarm. One application lasts all day!
Benefits Great odor protection that lasts all day. Avoid exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemicals. Natural and effective!
Ingredients Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Powdered Sugar, Baking soda, Beeswax

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