Everything You Need to Know about Getting a Bikini Wax

You’ve decided you want to get a bikini wax. Now what? We’ve got the skinny for you on how to prepare for your visit, what to expect during your appointment as well as tips and tricks for aftercare so that you maintain your smooth skin for as long as possible!

Steps to prep

  • Be clean – bathe like you would if you were going to your ob/gyn.
  • Be dry – cleanliness is appreciated, but please skip the lotion, you’ll get better results if your skin is less oily.
  • Be hairy – your hair should be at least 1/4 inches in length (which makes it long enough to lay flat on your skin). Please don’t shave for at least two weeks prior to your appointment to ensure that your hair is long enough! Also, if you’ve ‘let it go’ down there & it seems out of control, don’t worry! Our specialists will trim any longer hairs to the proper length prior to the removal process.
  • Be menstruation-free – it is the Shobha policy; our specialists will not perform bikini treatments on a menstruating client, period. Generally, it is best to get a Brazilian at least a few days before or after your period. The closer you get to your actual period, the more sensitive your body becomes, so be nice to your body & schedule your appointment avoiding those ultra-sensitive days.
  • Be comfortable – if possible, wear loose clothing that day to prevent irritation in the post-wax phase.
  • Be relaxed – reportedly the more relaxed your muscles are, the better your hair removal results will be!
  • Shobha Style – here at Shobha, we have created an inviting atmosphere to make you feel at ease & worry-free. In each room we offer a comfortable bed to make you as comfortable as possible during your treatment. There is also a fan if you prefer a gentle breeze during your visit. Since the bikini area is very sensitive, we have done everything possible to respect this delicate territory. For your safety, we wear non-latex gloves, use disposable spatulas & never-ever double-dip!

Choose your look 

We offer 2 options that you can tailor to your desired look. Remember, there is no right or wrong way, it’s all about what YOU want!

  • Bikini – pretty much any way you like it!  We remove hair from the sides, and as much of the top as you would like. We can leave a strip/rectangle or triangle. Also, trimming is included.
  • Brazilian – everything including the lip and/or crack areas. Some folks who get Brazilians go completely bare and some choose to leave some hair on top and they too can choose between a triangle or a landing strip/rectangle. Our hair removal Specialist will also trim any remaining hair according to your preference for a neat and tidy look.

What to expect during your Shobha bikini treatment

You will be asked to remove your underwear. By removing your underwear you protect your clothing as well as provide optimal working conditions so that the specialist can get all of the unwanted hair

Please note: your specialist will remain in the treatment room while you get yourself ready during which time she will prepare for your treatment. Another reason that your specialist remains in the room is to ensure your privacy & avoid unnecessary opening & closing of the treatment room’s door.

  • Your specialist will cleanse the area to eliminate potentially dangerous bacteria that may exist on your skin.
  • Your specialist will examine the hair length, & trim accordingly.
  • Your specialist will perform the actual waxing.
  • After you are as bare as you want to be, you will be rewarded with a cool compress to soothe the skin.
  • Your specialist will present a mirror for you to view the result & the approval of your new ‘do’ as well as check for any stray hairs!
  • You are finished & ready to go about the rest of the day! (oh! Please remember to dress before leaving the room.) & remember, if this is a new ‘thing’ for you, treat your ‘brazilianized’ bikini like you would any other haircut, try it out for a few days & then decide!

What if I feel uncomfortable during my bikini service?

Life is full of firsts…Your first word, your first tooth; your first apartment & now your first bikini!

If you feel uncomfortable at any point, please let us know and we will stop the service. We have learned over the years that getting a bikini/brazilian wax or sugar service can feel invasive. We appreciate you putting your trust in us to perform this intimate service and want to make sure you feel comfortable. We believe it’s helpful to know the steps that we are going to perform ahead of time.

Aftercare Tips

Be gentle with your skin for the next 24-48 hours and after that, you should exfoliate. For optimal smoothness, allow your skin the time it needs after your wax. Avoid the 5 S’s for the first couple of days: Sun, Sauna, Sweat, Synthetics, and Sex. Here’s why…

  1. Sun – During a waxing service, the top layers of your skin can be removed in the process, which can heighten your sensitivity to the sun and increase your chances of sunburn.
  2. Sauna – It’s best to avoid extreme heat post-treatment. Waxing can heat up the body, so cool it down afterward with a cold compress instead of a scalding hot shower or steam room.
  3. Sweat – Working out right after a wax isn’t a good idea, because the intense movement can cause sweat and bacteria to quickly find their way to your newly exposed pores.
  4. Synthetics: Wear looser clothing and natural fabrics, like cotton, so that skin can breathe easy as it calms down post-treatment. Also, you may want to shy away from thongs to prevent added irritation after a freshly waxed bikini.
  5. Sex: This one may seem counterintuitive, but medical experts recommend abstaining from sexual activity for the first 48 hours after any type of bikini wax. This time period is when your body is most susceptible to outside bacteria that can potentially cause an infection, not to mention more sensitivity (and not the sexy kind).

Now you’re armed with all the details to proceed with conviction. Go confidently, Shobha Friends and Fam!

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