COVID-19 Update 4/24/2020

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I can’t say enough how thankful I am for all of you!  So many of you have sent messages, have “tipped” your specialists, bought gift cards for when we open again or bought products on our website!  The team members are so thankful and want our clients to know they can’t wait to come back to work and are feeling the love and gratitude!


1.       PPP LOAN – We have applied for the Paycheck Protection Program, but – and you may already know from reading about this saga playing out in the news – they ran out of funds before they even got to millions of applications, ours included!  I am hoping that we will get lucky this next round.

2.       OUR OPEN DATE – Similar to what I said last time, we do not know exactly when we will be opening, but I think end of May/early June is probably the best guess.

3.       WHAT WILL WE BE DOING DIFFERENTLY WHEN WE OPEN? – We will be focusing on how to increase the sanitary procedures at Shobha to the next level.  We have been obsessed with cleanliness from day 1.  It’s one of the main reasons I wanted to open a place like Shobha – I wanted hair removal services, but in a clean environment, which was hard to find in 2001 when we started.  Now, I want us to take our obsession to the next level.  We will share more details with all of you in the coming weeks as we open.  Our goal will be to make sure all of you feel safe and our team feels safe providing services.

4.       FREE AND SPEEDY SHIPPING ON OUR WEBSITE – We have seen a surge in website orders! We are still shipping within 1-2 days, so our clients are getting their products much quicker than they would from other websites (including Amazon).  And since we have free standard shipping on all orders, you are not paying more to shop at than you would in-salon.  We have most of our in-salon product lines on our website, but if you want something that is not currently on there, please just let us know and we’ll see if we can add it to our website!

5.       DO YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR SUGARING KIT AT HOME? – I know sugaring/waxing on your own can be tricky.  Let us know if you need some help and we can set up a Zoom session to help you with your Sugaring Kit.  Email us at to set up a session.  Also, follow us on social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – @myshobha) – we play on doing some Facebook Live and IG Live sessions to help you with your kits also.


1.       I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF MY LASER SESSIONS – Please know that it is ok if you miss a few sessions.  Our hair grows in cycles – Anagen, Telogen and Catagen.  For the laser to work, we need to catch the hairs in the Anagen phase.  10-30% of our hairs are in the Anagen phase at any given time, so even if you miss a session or two, we can catch those hairs the next time they’re in that phase.

2.       MY EYEBROWS ARE GETTING BUSHY! – Some folks are going to want to pick up their tweezers and start plucking.  All of us are asking you to please refrain from tweezing.  We know it is tempting, but the truth is that this is the perfect time to grow out your eyebrows.  We will have more hair to work with when you come back.  Many times, removing just one hair in the right place can make such a drastic difference in your eyebrow shape.

3.       HELP, I’M HAIRY! – Ok, this is a bit of a joke, but with warmer weather coming and going outside for a walk being our only social activity, if you want to go bare before we reopen, here are some options:

Buy the Shobha Sugaring Kit. We have 2 options, one with muslin and one with denim strips.  The muslin is a thinner fabric and is ideal for facial areas while the denim is ideal for larger body parts and is reusable.  The kit includes an instruction booklet and we also have a YouTube video that walks you through the steps to sugar yourself at home.  You may appreciate your Specialist even more after doing this on your own, but you will stay smooth longer than if you were to shave.

Or you can simply shave.  Use a good, old-fashioned razor and shaving cream.  It’s simple and good in a pinch if you don’t have the patience to sugar yourself.  You can do this on your face, too.

Stay safe, healthy and sane!  We miss you all!

Take care,

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