COVID-19 Update 3/31/2020

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THANK YOU so much for the outpouring of love with your voicemails, emails and social media messages! I always knew we had a special company with an amazing team and fantastic clients, but at no other time has it been clearer than over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been blown away by the kindness, the concern and the love that was shown, so THANK YOU!

It fills my soul!

I wanted to send you all some updates and address some common questions and concerns we’ve received:

1.  The most important update is that WE WILL BE BACK!

2.  “WHEN WILL YOU OPEN?” This is the million dollar question.  I am sure all of you have seen the curves showing the differences in the coronavirus impact when we shelter in place and follow it strictly versus when we shelter in place and don’t follow it strictly. There is a vast difference!  Assuming everyone follows the strict guidelines, we are hoping to be able to open back up in May.  If everyone doesn’t follow these guidelines strictly, we could be looking at opening in June or early July.  Stay tuned as we will update you on this as we get closer to a date, which may be different based on if you come to us in Maryland, New York or Washington, DC.

3. “HOW CAN WE HELP?” So many of you have emailed us asking how you can help and we have tried a few different things, but have settled on this – a page on our website where you can “Tip your Specialist” or buy gift cards.  If you want to tip a specific team member, choose the amount, write the team member’s name and a special message and we will make sure to get it to them. If you want to help us as a company, think about purchasing a gift card. We will immediately put 15% of the gift card’s value towards the team fund, which will be shared by everyone, and the remainder will help the company to pay rent and bills that we still have even if we’re not open.  (You’ll have the full value to use when we re-open.)  CLICK HERE TO HELP

4. “HOW’S THE TEAM DOING?” The team is in really good spirits, given the circumstances.  Everyone is using this time differently, but all are lucky to have their health and are seeing this quarantine in as positive a light as can be. It is a time that we are lucky to get to spend with our families, reflect, read, cook, binge watch Netflix and take a break from life.  We are all keeping in touch via social media and other apps.  If you do not follow us on Instagram or Facebook, please do start following us as we give updates more regularly through our social media than we do via email.

5. “I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF MY LASER SESSIONS!” Please know that it is ok if you miss a few sessions. Our hair grows in cycles – Anagen, Telogen and Catagen.  For the laser to work, we need to catch the hairs in the Anagen phase.  10-30% of our hairs are in the Anagen phase at any given time, so even if you miss a session or two, we can catch those hairs the next time they’re in that phase.

6. “MY EYEBROWS ARE GETTING BUSHY!” Some folks are going to want to pick up their tweezers and start plucking.  All of us are asking you to please refrain from tweezing.  We know it is tempting, but the truth is that this is the perfect time to grow out your eyebrows.  We will have more hair to work with when you come back.  Most times, just one hair in the right place can make such a drastic difference in your eyebrow shape.

7. “HELP, I’M HAIRY!” Ok, this is a bit of a joke, but with warmer weather coming and going outside for a walk being our only social activity, if you want to go bare before we reopen, here are some options:

  • Buy the Shobha® Sugaring Kit. We have a booklet and a video that show you step-by-step how to sugar yourself at home.  You may appreciate your Specialist even more after doing this on your own, but you will stay smooth longer than shaving. BUY AT HOME SHOBHA® SUGARING KIT
  • Or you can simply shave.  Use a good, old-fashioned razor and shaving cream.  It’s simple and good in a pinch if you don’t have the patience to sugar yourself.  You can do this on your face, too.

Stay safe, healthy and sane!  We miss you all!

Take care,


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