Bold Brows & Lips? Always A Do!

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Bold brows & lips like Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend, Camila Alves, are always a do! & chances are if you’ve been going to Shobha then your brows are bold & beautiful too!  [not to toot our own horn or anything ;)]

Besides great eyebrow maintenance, brows can easily be enhanced with a great eyebrow pencil. I use the Shobha® Brow Pencil in earth, since I’m a brunette. I make sure to use the eyebrow pencil in the areas of my brow that have less hair growth, such as the beginning of the eyebrow (like Camila’s) & the tail (I actually fill the tail in every day)! Make sure to use the pencil in the opposite direction of hair growth, that way the pencil sticks to your skin – not your eyebrow hair!

Creating bold lips, however, is much harder to achieve. It’s often difficult to find the perfect lipstick consistency & shade, especially when looking for colors in red, orange & pink. When you do find the perfect shade, always make sure to apply lip liner in a matching color or nude. This eliminates bleeding (& tackiness)! Also make sure your lips are hydrated. A smooth application is nearly impossible on dry, cracked lips. Finally, the hardest part is finding a lipstick free of chemicals, harsh ingredients & other icky stuff! Here are a few of our suggestions for eco-friendly bold, red lipstick:

  1. Vapour organic beauty lipstick
  2. Zuzu luxe lipstick
  3. Christopher drummond beauty creamy lip stain
  4. Jane iredale puremoist lipcolour
  5. Tarte lipsurgence


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