Sexy Sleepover Essentials Kit

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When you wake up after a sexy sleepover at a new guy’s place, what’s the first thing you do? Sneak off to the bathroom, right? You’ve got to wipe away the smudged, morning-after mascara, freshen your breath with the good ol’ toothpaste on the finger trick and maybe rummage around in his medicine cabinet for anything else that will help you look as good as you did on the previous night’s date (and also make sure he doesn’t have anything sketchy in there, natch). However, sometimes this reconnaissance mission reveals a rather disheartening truth: you look like a hot mess and he’s got absolutely nothing that can fix it.

Now, we hope you snagged your purse on your way to the bathroom, because we’re sure you have at least a few handy products in there. And if you’re the really prepared type, you’d have packed this arsenal: the walk of shame kit from 3floz.Com. It comes with facial towelettes (because hand soap on your face is a recipe for disaster), a mini deodorant, a “detox” eye roller that will make you look way more awake, a face cream that gives your skin a nice glow, dry shampoo for sexy bed-head hair instead of begging-to-be-washed tresses, and freshening cloths that can be used allover—especially great if you’re thinking about sneaking back into bed. The best thing is, these are all mini sizes so it’s not like you had to lug around a look-at-me-I’m-sleeping-over suitcase. Plus, forget the walk of shame, you’ll have the best ”walk of I-just-got-some-and-aren’t-you-jealous” ever.”  – Cosmopolitan 6.23.2011


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