3 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Our Shobha Team

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3 thing you didn't know

  1. We didn’t always have great brows, but now we do. True story, a good chunk of our team has come in with some ratchet looking brows. Thankfully hair grows back and now these same folks could be brow poster children for what all brows should aspire to look like. It takes a few (and in some cases, many) threading sessions and tweezer restraint, but we got there and so can you.
  2. We share food and lots of it. A team that eats together, stays together. We love bringing in different foods that we make/enjoy to share with our team. It’s a fun way to bond and fill our bellies.
  3. We feel comfortable talking about all things hair removal with both strangers and friends. Don’t be shy to ask us anything about brows, body hair, ingrowns, etc. – we’ve thought about pretty much all of it,
    and if it’s something new/different, we certainly need to know about it!
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