🍁Fall is Coming – Kickstart Your Laser Journey at Shobha

Ever wondered why the arrival of cooler weather seems to herald the beginning of “laser season”? It’s not just a catchy phrase; there’s a method to this seasonal timing.

Laser hair removal is a transformative process that requires patience and dedication, typically spanning an average of 6-9 sessions to achieve the best possible results. The reason for this extended timeline lies in the intricacies of our hair growth cycle. Our hair goes through three distinct phases, and the laser can effectively target and eliminate hair follicles only when they are in the anagen (growth) phase. It’s intriguing to note that we have around 300 hair follicles per square inch on average across our bodies. However, not all of these follicles are active or in the anagen phase simultaneously. Consequently, it’s quite normal to observe some ongoing hair growth between your laser treatments, especially in the early stages. But don’t fret; this regrowth tends to decrease as you progress through your treatment plan.

The rate of hair reduction can vary from person to person due to individual differences. On average, though, completing 6-9 treatments will ultimately deliver the smooth, hair-free results you’ve been longing for, with significantly less maintenance compared to traditional hair removal methods. During this journey, it’s essential to avoid hair removal techniques like waxing and tweezing in between laser sessions. These methods remove the hair root, which is precisely what the laser targets for effective removal. Instead, opt for shaving between treatments to optimize your long-term laser results.

Another crucial factor to consider is sun exposure, both before and after your laser hair removal sessions. Laser treatment necessitates avoiding sun exposure on either side of your appointments. This is notably easier during the colder months when the temptation of beach outings and poolside lounging is at its lowest. The fall and winter season naturally prompts us to bundle up, limiting our exposure to the sun. It’s crucial to remember that even brief moments in the sun, such as a quick walk from the grocery store to your car in shorts, count as sun exposure. Why does this matter? Laser hair removal cannot be performed on sunburned or tanned skin and is not recommended even for slightly sun-kissed skin. Moreover, your skin requires time to recuperate from sun exposure after treatment. Initiating your laser hair removal journey now ensures you’ll be ready to bask in the summer sun with smooth, hair-free skin when the warmer weather returns.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of self-care during the cooler months, especially when many of us contend with seasonal blues. Dedicate time to pamper yourself and attend to your needs as a way to counteract these wintertime doldrums. As you can see, fall is the ideal time to commence your laser hair removal journey, which typically unfolds over several months. By the time you complete your final session, you’ll be eagerly anticipating the return of warm weather with silky-smooth, hair-free skin.

At Shobha, we prioritize your safety and the effectiveness of our services. That’s why we require a complimentary consultation for all clients new to laser. This consultation allows us to ensure that laser hair removal is a safe and suitable option for you and to tailor the service to your specific needs. Don’t wait—schedule your consultation soon to kickstart your journey toward smooth, hair-free skin.



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