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Thanks to twitter I stumbled upon a retweet of Shobha Salon offering free waxing services. Shobha salon needed “hairy models” for their new specialists. I was a bit wary about a free Brazilian but I decided to do a google search of Shobha before making a decision. After reading countless of amazing reviews I decided that getting a Brazilian wax from Shobha was a good idea.

I made my way to Manhattan to Shobha’s Soho location. As I walked in I was pleased by the decor and cleanliness. The receptionist greeted me immediately and offered me a choice of tea or water as I waited.

Once in the room…

Before my Brazilian wax, the specialist asked me a few preliminary questions. I asked for the sugar wax but after a patch test we decided that sugar wax was not my best option. The actual waxing process was quick and painless. I did not feel rushed and the specialist made sure that I was okay every step of the way. Once it was over a rosewater cleansing cloth (which felt amazing) was placed on my bikini area to calm any irritation. After that, the area was threaded (instead of tweezed) to ensure a smooth finish. A Brazilian wax and 5 minute survey later I was walking the streets of Manhattan feeling like superwoman. Yes, a fresh Brazilian wax from Shobha will do that to you.

The best wax I ever had

Overall, I was more than pleased about my Brazilian wax. It was the best wax I have ever had. It was efficient and as painless as a Brazilian gets. I love that Shobha strives to use green and natural products. The decor is amazing and the staff is super friendly. Although Shobha is a bit more expensive than other salons I’ve visited I believe that it is worth it. Shobha treated me so well that I can’t see my self ever going to another salon. I will continue to make the trip to the city even if MTA continues to hike up Long Island Rail Road prices. *shakes fist at MTA*

Shobha Specials

Although the “hairy model” special is over you can still get 20% off your service if you book with a new specialist or leave a comment with your email for $10 off your next service.

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Dodging Nair like the plague one Brazilian wax at a time!

**UPDATE: Shobha sells the individually wrapped rosewater freshening cloths for $1!! A natural way to stay fresh. It’s also paraban and artificial fragrance-free. Super win! Oh and it can be used on your face for a quick on-the-go refresher. Multi-use product for another win!

Love love love these

Love love love these