How to Prepare for your Laser Appointment

Congrats! You’ve had your consultation and are cleared to get laser hair removal – what’s next? Everybody’s laser journey is different but there are a few things that are important for all laser clients to know. You want to be sure you have all the information you need to feel ready for your appointment. Here’s a guide to be perfectly prepared for your Shobha laser treatment:

Avoid sun exposure

Sun is the enemy of laser hair removal. Even walking from your car to the grocery store in shorts can “count” as sun exposure. Many people don’t realize sun exposure doesn’t just refer to the obvious like laying out at the beach in your swimsuit. Any tan, whether it’s from the rays of the sun or even self-tanners can make it unsafe for us to provide your laser treatment. How long skin holds a tan varies from individual to individual, so be sure to be tan-free!

No wax, sugar, thread or tweezing allowed for 4 weeks prior

Wait, what? Shobha is saying not to wax?! We’ll explain. When it comes to laser, it’s best not to wax, thread, or sugar the area for at least 4 weeks because we need the follicle to be intact underneath the skin for the laser to actually damage with the energy. Since all those methods remove the hair from the root, your laser hair removal will not be effective. In the case of laser, it’s best to shave before and between treatments until you’ve reached the reduction you’re looking for.

On antibiotics? Wait 3 weeks to schedule

Some medications, antibiotics and supplements can cause photosensitivity which can be dangerous for laser. Once you’re finished taking antibiotics, wait three weeks before getting a treatment. If anything else has changed, for example, you start on a new supplement regimen or receive a new prescription from your doctor, be sure to discuss it with your specialist as this information could be super important regarding the safety of your service.

Be gentle with your skin for a week to 10 days before

For a week to 10 days before, avoid topically exfoliating. So no facials or chemical peels before you’re scheduled for your treatment (more than a week to 10 days prior). You can exfoliate with a cloth, but no chemical exfoliation in the area.

No alcohol for 24 hours prior to laser session

Our level of hydration can really affect the way our bodies respond to all kinds of hair removal including waxing, sugaring, threading and, you guessed it, laser.  So be sure to drink plenty of water to set yourself up for success! Proper hydration also helps the body regulate temperature which is uber useful when receiving laser treatments.

Shave the area the morning of

Because laser hair removal works by shooting energy at the targeted hair and follicle, we want to make sure that the majority of the energy is focused on the shaft of hair under the skin and the follicle for best results. We don’t want to waste the energy singeing the hair on top of the skin and reducing the amount of energy directed at the follicle.

Come clean

Be sure to cleanse your skin the day of your visit. This means no lotions, moisturizers, makeup or deodorant (just in the areas you’re seeking laser, of course!).

No numbing cream, please

Our client’s safety is our top priority and the sensations that they feel when they are receiving laser provides the specialist with important information about whether a setting is working well for them. Numbing cream can mask how their skin is truly reacting which could have negative results so we don’t allow numbing cream for laser services at Shobha.

Now you are armed with the information you need. Of course, if you think of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team ( or by phone at 212.931.8363). We’re here for you!


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