Why are some hairs still growing back?

Category: Laser

The hairs that have been targeted by laser aren’t growing back, but other hairs in the area might still be growing! Here’s a little more background info:

  • There are 3 phases of hair growth (1) anagen – the phase of active hair growth, the most ideal phase for laser, (2) catagen – the regression phase when the hair starts to weaken, (3) telogen – the phase in which the hair falls out in preparation for new hair to grow.
  • On the body there are literally about 3,000 hair follicles per square inch (we know, we are even hairier than we thought!). Most of those hairs are dormant & only 10-30% of the hair is in the anagen phase at a given time (including the time of your laser treatment).
  • Other factors that may affect hair growth include: medications, hormonal levels/imbalances & dietary supplements/vitamins (e.G., if you take supplement for hair & nails, the supplement stimulates growth all over your body, not just your head!).
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