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Surely, if you’ve read this far, you know that our Shobha team only wants to make you happy & we take all precautions on our end to make sure that we do everything to make your experience an enjoyable one. As a result, we want to make it known what others in our field may try to hide or deny.

  • For sensitive skin waxing/sugaring/threading may result in minor bumps, rashes, etc. More specifically, waxing/sugaring/threading can result in temporary enlargement of the hair follicles that can allow bacteria, normally residing on the skin, to enter the follicles & cause superficial or deep skin infections. If an infection is noted, it should be evaluated & treated by a dermatologist as soon as possible.
  • If you have never waxed /sugared/threaded before, please request a complimentary patch test before you undergo a Shobha® waxing/sugaring/threading treatment. We recommend waiting 24 – 48 hours after the patch test to see if any adverse reaction occur before a full treatment is performed.
  • Here at Shobha we use only sanitary equipment & enforce a strict Shobha No Double-Dip(sm) Policy, which means that the same spatula will never be re-dipped into the vat of wax/sugaring gel.
  • It is Shobha policy that specialists will not perform bikini treatments on menstruating clients.
  • Specialists will wear disposable, non-latex gloves during all sugaring/waxing treatments.
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