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"i am proud that we have raised the bar for hair removal everywhere. it deserves that place in the market." - shobha tummala, founder & ceo.

Shobha was immersed in natural rituals early on in india where she spent much of her childhood with her grandparents. her grandfather, a horticulturist, would often bring her along to visit different gardens. Shobha also spent much of her days preparing meals & beauty treatments with her grandmother. even making homemade soap from sandalwood & lentils, hair conditioner from crushed hibiscus petals & moisturizer from the cream of fresh milk.

it was also in india where Shobha experienced the benefits of threading, the customary way to remove facial hair. the painless efficiency & precise definition of threading made Shobha swear off wax, until she returned to the states & found that there was no one in her area who threaded. thus, the idea of Shobha was inspired! as a result in 2001, Shobha set out to create an environment where hair removal was the main focus. so folks like her would not feel embarrassed about their hair removal needs.

Shobha has a masters in business administration from harvard business school & an electrical engineering degree from michigan state university. prior to starting her own company, she worked at a technology start-up, a management consulting firm, & a fortune 500 company. with a keen business sense Shobha has created a wholesome brand, becoming a leader in the hair removal category, providing an unparalleled experience for clients, team members & the community.