Makeup Mondays: Covering Tattoos & Bruises

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Your trans-formative makeup tips continued…

Tattoos & Bruises:

If you are like me then you are constantly banging your shins with luggage & bumping your elbows on walls while carrying laundry (or makeup kits). These clumsy moments may leave you with unsightly bruises. Covering them up may be easier than you thought.

The technique used to cover up a bruise is similar to the technique used to conceal a tattoo. Tattoos can be tricky when they are composed of multiple different colors, but for today’s tip, I will focus mainly on bluish tones as those are the most common & a good place to start.

Blue is a cool color.  On the color wheel, blue is opposite from orange, a warm color. Is neutral & can be lightened or darkened to any skin tone. This basic artistic principle is applied when covering & neutralizing blue tones on the skin.

  • Most tattoos & bruises are not bright blue, so we do not need to use a bright orange concealer to neutralize them. Instead, opt for a concealer that is similar to your skin color, but is about two shades more peachy or salmon in color.
  • Apply the concealer to the discolored area with a small & dense concealer brush. Blend out the edges of the makeup using a clean brush.
  • Pat the newly concealed area with powder. Don’t wipe it with your powder brush, as this may remove product at this point.
  • Even though by now your tattoo or bruise may be covered, the peachy/salmony color will not match the rest of your skin. Fear not!
  • Take a concealer shade matching your skin color & begin patting it onto your previously concealed patch of skin. Begin around the outside of the patch, working your way inward toward the center of the discoloration.
  • The coverage need not be perfectly even; in fact, it is better to have a very slight variation in color, as this will appear most natural.
  • Again, pat over the area with powder to set the makeup.
  • If any bluish discoloration continues to show through, apply another layer of peachy/salmony concealer, then powder, apply the matching concealer, & powder again. Repeat until the blue fades to your satisfaction.
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