Wash Winter Away From Your Face!

Tired of dry skin this winter? Me too! It seems no matter what I do to keep my skin from getting dry, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried all types of moisturizers, exfoliants, & face masks, even my mother’s anti-wrinkle cream (& I’m only 22!), but nothing seemed to work! Sadness.

When I got my first Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth, however, that all changed. One night my curiosity came over me & I thought, “if this exfoliating cloth could make my elbows feel as soft as a baby’s bottom, then how will it make my face feel?”

With a dab of my favorite cleanser, I washed my face gently with the cloth using circular motions. I couldn’t believe the results – no washcloth has ever come close to the way my face felt after using the exfoliating cloth!  My nose, which is prone to peeling in warm & cold weather, was absolutely smooth & created a great palette for makeup application. Although I wouldn’t suggest this to people with really sensitive skin, for those of you who find that you have a similar issue with dry skin, I would give it a try!   Just make sure to be extra gentle with the pressure if you are using it on your face.  I opt for two cloths; one for my body to prevent ingrowns & one for smoothing my face!

Also check out the Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth in ivillage.com’s “20 Genius Beauty Buys: About Face!”



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