Trend Alert: Colored Brows

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From the runway to the blogosphere, these rainbow colored brows are popping up all over the beauty world. The more I see them on websites over the internet, I can’t help but wonder – would you try this trend? If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you may already know my feelings about the “no eyebrow” trend. If you haven’t read it, then let me sum it up here. Although they make quite the statement, you can say I’m not the biggest fan of this look. However, I find myself much more supportive of colored brows.

These bad ass brows can easily be achieved by using an eyeliner & eye shadow in the desired color you are looking to attain (for tips check out this great tutorial on YouTube). You can even go the eco route (aka the Shobha® route!) by using pencils & shadows from brands like Tarte. Check out their aqua-gel eyeliner, which comes in green, blue & purple! For people who have funky hair colors, this can add some extra flare!


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