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Receiving funny comments is something we live for at Shobha! We’re sure every company gets some crazy feedback, but when the topic is about bikini waxing…let’s just say things can get a little hairy! Check out our top 5 favorite comments of the summer:

  • @smperry – Quick stop at @myshobha for an intervention… my eyebrows have apparently been dating each other & need some space… #eyebrowincest
  • @jonathanhookz – #shobha columbus circle- real men do it.
  • Cileane w. – Rachana is the bomb!!!! I absolutely love her. Besides my boyfriend & gynecologist, she is the only person on earth I can be comfortably nude with! She totally deserves this title. Congratulations Rachana!!!!!
  • We asked: @myshobha just spotted some fierce brows strolling down 5th ave. Where were you the last time you had brow envy?
    Response: @barefoothoodoo – @myshobha the Latino drag queen that works at my local Whole Foods…he has the most perfect brows I have ever seen!! 😉
  • @butterflyylost – @chichi27 Ive seen over grown jungles & wanted to grab a machete or send them to @myshobha to get a man wax.

For more laughs, check out this Shobha® giggle we received from one of our clients! Lolzzz

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