‘Tis The Season To Be…Hairy?!

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If you’ve done any NYC shopping recently, then you may have come across Lady Gaga’s Holiday Workshop at Barneys. Since we’re practically obsessed with all types of hair, we knew we had to post something about this Madison Ave window display.  Upon first glance, the “Gaga Boudoir” looks like one hairy, hot mess! Typically we’re partial to hairlessness (sans the top of your head of course), but we must admit that this display is quite the show stopper! Leave it to Gaga & the Barneys team to dream up a room made completely out of hair. What a fabulous ode to the signature blonde locks that made Gaga famous. Perhaps next year they’ll do an ode to Bieber’s bob? (rip bob!) in the spirit of the holidays, we’ll let this hairy situation slide.

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