They’re Finally Here! Shobha Brow Pencils Are In!

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It’s safe to say that we have brows on the brain even more now (we didn’t even think that was possible) – yes, we’re officially obsessed.  If you haven’t gotten the memo – we finally have our new Shobha® brow pencils!

In reality, most people are not blessed with picture-perfect brows, often times due to self-inflicted mistakes & misshapes.  Butchered brows have forever fetched more than just a frown & can be way more taxing on your appearance (& confidence) than just a bad hair day because bad brows can last much longer.

Enter the finely chiseled brow pencil – your (brows’) new best friend – a sure-bet solution to end brow fury & an indispensable part of your beauty kit.

If you dream of Jennifer Connelly’s thick brows or have longed to have a coiffed pair like Megan Fox, an eyebrow pencil is your secret to a more gorgeous you.  Perfectly done eyebrows speak for themselves & can refresh your look.

jennifer connelly & megan fox

Before you raid the beauty shelves, study these pencil pointers to help you get your brows to be their best.

  1. Preparation will point you in the right direction – always sharpen your brow pencil prior to each use.  Then, just before you use it, pinch the tip with your fingers for a few seconds.  The heat from your fingertips will soften the pencil, helping it to go on more smoothly.
  2. Work your best angle – always apply the pencil at a 45 degree angle.  Beware of holding the pencil straight up & down, it will flatten your pencil point & deposit too much color on at once (read:  no bueno if you are going for a natural look).
  3. Layer it until you love it – use light, feathering strokes to achieve a natural, polished look that is not overdone.  Before you add more layers, step back from the mirror & see how your brows look when you see your whole face.
  4.  Switch directions to get fuller brows – use reverse strokes, going against the grain, if your brows are forested more like the tundra than the rainforest (read:  you have sparse hairs/bald spots) to subtly color the skin between, giving the illusion of more luscious brows, without matting down the hair that you do have.
  5. Go big on top – for thicker brows (especially if you have large eyes & are still on the road to recovery due to a tweezing massacre), add a line of pencil to the top of your eyebrow.  Avoid adding a line at the bottom, it will make your brows appear too heavy (like they are going to landslide down onto your eyes) & unbalanced.

& of course, if you are a scaredey cat, a brow pencil virgin or still have no idea how to use one even though you’ve tried a million times, you can always visit us at Shobha!  We’ll help you pick a color & show you how to use it (free of charge!).


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