The Shobha Logo Will Guide You To Clear Your Sinuses, Naturally.

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The weather in the northeast has been anything but predictable in the past week. One thing that seems to be more certain is the onset of fall colds & sinus pressure. (The struggle is very real, are we right mouth breathers?) It can be the worst. If you can’t stay in bed all day we’ve found a holistic way to relieve sinus pressure anywhere you are (work, train, the drugstore) without meds.

You can use our Shobha Logo as your guide. Here’s how in 3 easy steps (via the advice of Healthy Holistic Living) :

  1. Push your tongue against the top of your mouth.
  2. Place a finger between your eyebrows (the spot where the bindi is on our logo – but where it would be on your face).
  3. Apply pressure for about 20 seconds & your sinuses will begin to drain.

Please note: Tapping the spot on your screen will not relieve sinus pressure 😛

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