The Answer To Our Natural & Safe Mascara Prayers Is Here!

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It’s here! It’s here! We’ve finally found a fabulous & NATURAL mascara that’s been approved by the Shobha Team.

We’re happy to announce, W3lll People’s Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara is now available at Shobha SoHo (& coming to all Shobha locations later this month!).

With the appropriate claim on it’s box: “Hippie tested. Diva approved” this mascara does not disappoint. It has quickly become a favorite & an everyday makeup staple amongst the Shobha team.

As you may already know, we’re pretty picky about what we put on & in our bodies so searching for the ideal mascara that worked like all those toxic-but-fabulous-lash-creating mascaras out there without, to be quite frank, all the crap. We’ve tested plenty that were chock full of great ingredients you could probably make a meal with but they either didn’t look like we put any mascara on or they were running down our face in two blinks.

[Enter the masterminds that we know as W3ll People.]

They have created a boundary breaking formula that creates big, bold fluffy lashes instantly. It nourishes thanks to a synergistic (not to be confused with synthetic) botanical blend.  Hyper pure mineral pigments create the blackest of black for highly defined luxury lashes.  The new high tech brush design, precisely separates the thinnest, shortest, hard-to-reach lashes for expertly scooping up  & lengthening each one – while delivering just the right amount of product.

As with all of W3ll People’s products this mascara:

  • Contains the finest quality, all-natural ingredients tested for superior performance
  • Contains innovative botanical complexes move & breathe–no creasing or fading
  • Is an uber hydrating formulas rich in organic aloe & precious essential oils
  • Contains no fillers, propylene glcol, petrochemicals or petroleum by-products
  • Is handcrafted in small batches in the USA
  • Is tested in the w3ll people studio by their green beauty pros–cruelty free

For a quick way to make your eyes pop add a swipe or two & be on your way. For a bolder look keep on layering. More is more.

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