The 411 on Threading By Emma Heming Willis

threading by emma heming willis

Emma Heming Willis, a long time client of our superstar Shobha Specialist, Shashi, shares her take on threading & why she loves Shashi’s “take-less-brow-away approach” on her blog!

From the get-go I was introduced to Shashi who has been working at Shobha for 13 years. She is THE brow girl of NYC, well at least I think so. A lot of people ask who tends to my bushy brows and I have sent many people her way over the years.

She also shares some of her favorite grooming products that she uses during her 3 week break between Shobha Visits. To read more about how Emma Heming Willis has gone from mid-90s thin brows to the thick beautiful ones she has now, click here!

(psst, Emma: if you’re reading this, thank you!)

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