Team Favorites: Flatiron District NYC Coffee Spots

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We’d like to think we run our well oiled waxed team on pure adrenaline alone but some days (most days) we need some coffee to help us kick it into gear.  Of course we have office coffee but we often find ourselves seeking a special treat beyond our office kitchen. When we’re not fixing up a cup of joe in the kitchen you can find us at any of these nearby coffee spots. If you’re in the market for a good cup of coffee in the NYC flatiron district here’s where we’d go & why we love going:

  1. Eataly has the best frozen cappuccinos!
  2. Pret a Manger has a friendly staff & self-serve coffee that is perfect for grabbing a quick cup of joe + they have organic milk!
  3. 711 is fast, cost effective & always fresh!
  4. Pain Quotidien’s perfect pick-me-up comes with a super friendly counter staff – merci beaucoup to you!
  5. Toby’s Flatiron coffee is uniquely hipster & delicious.
  6. Spoon is a cozy spot to meet, sit & sip.
  7. Wichcraft has a daily coffee happy hour between 3pm-5pm.
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