Super Fun In The (Almost) Sun

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June 13th marked the date of our first (now annual) Shobha Family Picnic. The weather forecast called for thunderstorms, but we braved the warning & powered through picnic-style under overcast skies.  The day was complete with water balloon tosses, egg relays, three-legged & wheel barrow races, barbeque (veggie & meaty), bringing together all of those we call family!  After working off all the bbq calories, the only thing left to do was indulge in some birthday cake (delish!) to celebrate the Shobha summer baby birthdays.

We shared a bunch of laughs, hugs & little Shobha piggy banks (for the youngin’s to promote savings amongst even though they are still itty bitty), making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

A special shoutout to mother nature for holding her ‘tears’ in until our Shobha shenanigans ended.


Wishing you unicorns & ponies until next time. xo Veronica.

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