Exfoliating: So Easy A Bear Can Do It!

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Who would have guessed exfoliating was a part of a bear’s daily routine? Recently, scientists spotted a bear scrubbing its face using a barnacle-covered rock. Most likely to, yep, you guessed it – exfoliate! So ladies & gents, take a cue from this bear & make exfoliating an easy part of your routine with our Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth. Be sure to hurry into our salons before the Bronx Zoo buys out our stock!

Nerd fact of the day: this is the first time using a tool in this species has ever been noted! The most famous tool-using species are monkeys & apes (& yes, there is a difference. In fact, monkey’s can’t even do the monkey bars!). If you’re a nerd like me (which you probably can tell by now) & just as obsessed with anthropology, check out this article for more fun facts about animals who use tools.

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