Snow Day Fun!

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Snow updates for Tuesday, 1/27/2015

Due to the extreme weather conditions, all NYC locations are closed today, 1/27, however our DC location will be open!

Shobha Columbus Circle: Closed
Shobha Financial District:  Closed
Shobha Madison: Closed
Shobha Soho:  Closed

Shobha Dupont Circle: 12pm – 8pm (Delayed Opening)

We will be back to normal (hopefully) tomorrow!  You may schedule online by simply logging in to (or signing up for) your account. Thank you for your patience. We hope everyone stays safe & warm!


It’s officially a snow day! Thank Juno for ‘juno’ not that much snow but enough to keep most of NYC in their pjs & working from home. Snow days bring on a certain nostalgia (if you grew up in the northeast) made up of memories of playing in the snow & getting a bonus day off from school. We asked our Shobha team what their fave things to do a snow day is & this is what they had to say:

“I love to just watch movies & veg out on junk food.” – Alethia Graham

“I love to bake & take my golden out to play …& catch up on all the shows I never get to watch!” – Alexis Bortone Faust

“I like to make slow cooked meals like chicken pot pie or chili & binge watch Netflix.” – Heather O’Hara

“I want to deep clean my kitchen.” – Bridget Adamson

“Snowga of course“- Jenn Pesce

“[I make] slow-cooked spicy Korean pulled pork lettuce wraps!“- Julie Tak

What’s your favorite thing to do when snowed in? Are your snow day activities pro-active or pro-relax?

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