Smooth Skin For Spring

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Nothing beats some freshly scrubbed smooth skin. With spring right about the corner we’ve pulled some of our teams favorite ways to get smooth skin for spring chock full of good ingredients & don’t involve coke zero or mentos (who does this & why??? )

Bogavia Nourishing Sugar Scrub With Chamomile Extract helps to gently exfoliate while moisturizing & improving the quality of your skin with with its organic sugar blend.  Each use refines skin texture, promotes a radiant glow & delicately scents your body with the valencia vanilla natural & organic essential oil blend that smells like a dreamy creamsicle (read: vanilla & orange).

Bogavia Polishing Salt Scrub With Rimini Lilac Rose is the newest Bogavia product to join our offerings at all Shobha salons.  This scrub helps to revitalize & perfect your epidermis to make it look more youthful! This anti-aging & antioxidant rich scrub gently removes dead skin cells, increases cell turnover & boosts collagen production. It’s mineral rich & renewing. With each use it softens, smoothes & improves the total quality of your skin with a highly regenerating blend of dead sea salt, fig, immortelle, & rose. Pass the salt (scrub) please!

Acure Exfoliating Body Wash exfoliates & cleanses. For those of you short on time (or forget to exfoliate as much as you should) & who need a double duty product this one is for you! Cleanse daily with this minty fresh body wash & keep blemishes, ingrowns & dark spots at bay with this energizing, clarifying body wash. Plus, you’ll smell minty fresh (literally) when you’re through!

Flourish body polishes are made of organic sugar suspended in organic coconut oil (doesn’t that just sound cool?). They will exfoliate & moisturize sensitive skin. They’re packed in shower safe tubs (read: no glass!) & are the perfect way to exfoliate. We particularly love to use them for home pedicures.

Shobha bump-free set is our go too for keeping smooth skin, smooth. It’s packed with everything you need to sail smoothly into spring. The Shobha Rosewater Freshening Cloths are perfect for soothing skin while cleansing it on-the-go. The reusable Shobha Exfoliating Cloth that you can use with just water or your favorite body wash &/or scrub in the shower. Plus, Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion is the perfect treatment that continues to exfoliate your skin post shower.

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