Skintimate Shave Cream Natural Product Alternative: Pacific Shaving Company Women’s All Natural Shaving Cream

When we don’t have time to wax or sugar we admittedly will resort to shaving. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. In the past folks on our team have gotten bumps from shaving. This could be due to the razor (if it’s dull or the strip has something that doesn’t agree with sensitive skin) or it could be the shaving agent like the shaving cream/lotion/oil. In the past we’ve reached for the stuff that has the good ole ‘sensitive skin’ branding on the package like Skintimate Shave Cream for sensitive skin. In the past this was an easy grab from your local drugstore & readily available so if convenience was your thing (& your desperate) we understand.

These days you can throw those excuses to the wind & reach for Pacific Shaving Company Women’s All Natural Shaving Cream. This is the shaving cream we stand by (when we have to shave). It’s great for sensitive skin & is full of safe & effective organic ingredients that won’t leave skin red or irritated (quite the opposite of the stuff that Skintimate’s Shave Cream are packed with like artificial colors & fragrances).

Some other good news – we offer Pacific Shave Cream at all of our salons so pick up a tube for desperate times!

We’ve made the swap, will you?

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